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* INFORMATION: Newsletter with detailed listings of arts and cultural events; Tickets & promotions; info on opportunities, grants, art forums; Web site links and community arts calendar.


* EDUCATION: Partners in support of local schools; Promoting youth arts; fostering growth in community art education & services; Film archives rich in culture, art and heritage made available to educators.


* ENRICHMENT: Strengthen your creative spirit with shared, inspired experiences from a vast community of talent!


* UNIFICATIOIN: Strengthen your community by becoming an LAAC member; Build partnerships with neighborhoods, schools, businesses and legislators alike in support of ART.


* PROMOTION & SPONSORSHIP: Creating, sponsoring, and promoting art and cultural events.


* ENTERTAINMENT: Art Fair, Film Festival, Dance, Theatre, Choral, Culinary, Sculpture, Competitions, Family Fun and More!




Student ~ $10.00
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Corporation ~ $100.00
Silver Patron ~ $ 250.00
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Platinum Patron ~ $1000.00 +

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